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The Ultimate Arch is a process using the handcrafted art of microblading. Natural hair like strokes are methodically placed using the highest quality Phibrow pigments while creating an age appropriate uplifting effect to brows. The brow is carefully mapped using facial morphology and the golden proportion (1.618) 


The finished result is a natural brow with an uplifting effect which often creates the illusion of a face-lift and a more finished youthful appearance.

      Microblading Brow Art  $750                                        

      Includes consultation, microblading, shading if necessary, and 5 week follow-up and perfecting appointment.

Customer Feedback


  •  I was so flattered today when my neighbor noticed my new appearance and asked "Did you get a facelift?"  I said, "No I got my eyebrows microbladed! "         Anita M.    July 2022

  • Maria listens to your concerns and discusses everything openly with you. She's also a perfectionist which is what you want when it comes to your face!!!    Sandy B.  April 2022


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